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Cansulta is always looking for great consultants to provide the help, advice, and guidance that businesses need to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities they face in starting, managing, and growing their operations. In late 2022, Cansulta began our Associates Program as a pilot program to give junior business professionals the opportunity to kick-start their consulting career and join our ever-growing global network of business strategists.

Our new “Associate Cansultants” are recent graduates or early-career consultants who can fill the gap in business areas where clients don’t have in-house knowledge or expertise.

Note that we do NOT hire or employ any consultants: we are an online marketplace connecting consultants with clients to collaborate, a platform for consultants to offer their products and services easily & affordably to clients. It's currently 100% free to join as an Associate.


  • Listen, understand, analyze, report, evaluate, advise, recommend, train and support clients
  • Become knowledgeable on the business challenges and issues which drive the client’s needs
  • Evaluate client needs and assist them with a successful plan
  • Provide practical, do-able and creative solutions addressing real client needs
  • Advise with honesty, authenticity, and integrity to address challenging business situations
  • Produce reports, analyses, documents, and templates in industry-standard formats as appropriate for the client’s needs and industry
  • Create customized, actionable plans to assist clients with short- and long-term goals
  • Provide real value and impact! Make a difference for the client through real-world experience and expertise
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, policies and practices (legislative and regulatory)


  • Relevant education, professional development, certification, and experience for your primary industries and areas of expertise
  • Strong business acumen and subject matter expertise backed by proven experience
  • Capacity to see the big picture as well as detail oriented: strategic and practical value
  • Able to understand, interpret and critically analyze a client’s needs
  • Able to create effective working relationships and build rapport at all levels (internal and external)
  • Provide value, adaptability and reliability to build client rapport and trust
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) including empathy and listening skills
  • Able to work remotely, both independently and in cooperation with remote teams
  • Able to multitask, organize and prioritize: Self-directed and self-managing
  • Proven track record of managing own time and tasks, working independently and providing quality services and material in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate honesty, ethics, integrity, and confidentiality at all times
  • Familiar with GSuite including Gmail, Gdrive, Gdocs, Gsheet, Gpres (email, file)
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Acrobat
  • Knowledgeable about evolving best practices and industry trends
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Employment Type: Other
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 03 May 2023
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